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Safer Internet Advice


1)   Nothing on-line is completely private: Think about how you use the internet and social media because anything you write or send could be used against you later on. Do you need to be less blasé?

2)   Parent Controls: Getting the right settings and filters from the outset can help manage access to the internet and content available on the internet. Do you need to review your security?

3)   Personal Security: Never give out personal information (address / E-mail / phone number) nor should it post it publicly on any website / social media profile. Do you need to change your settings?

4)   Surf Safe: Do not open pop-ups or banners. They will spam your computer. Do not open attachments, links or photos from people you don’t know or recognise. Do you want to get infected?

5)   Safe Social Media: Choose friends wisely. Do not talk to strangers. People can pretend to be anyone and represent themselves however they wish. Do you know who you are talking to?

6)   Online only: Never arrange to meet a stranger or online friend in person. The person might not be who you think they are. Do you know who you getting close to?

7)   Photos & Webcam: Once they have been sent or posted then they are out of your control. You cannot control who sees them or what happens with them. Do you know who is viewing your photos?

8)   EXIT: You can leave a page at any time, and you can block and delete people. Do you know how to do these operations?

9)   Communicate: if something makes you feel uneasy or uncomfortable then do something about it. Do you know what you should report?

10) Think: Do not take unnecessary risks or do anything online that you wouldn’t do in person. BE SAFE! Do you (and your children) know how to report concerns and where to get advice?


ONLINE SAFETY - report criminal content online (including child sexual abuse) - great website for all kinds of internet safety (not just social media) - good resource / reference material for cyber safety - plenty of how-to guides on this site for phones and the ‘web - essential for any parent / carer - easy to use, practical and reference material - simple practical advice for keeping children of all ages safe - advice for children of all ages on general online safety – includes information about online safety and what to do if your child gets into trouble online



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